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June 30th, 2019 -Seafood Cooking Class

 If you’re limiting yourself to only eating seafood when you’re out at a restaurant, you’re selling yourself short. Join Chef Patrick as he shares with you some seafood recipes to help you get started.

As a cook, you can’t do much with poor quality fish or seafood, so knowing how to choose the best is vital to your success. Ask the fishmonger at your grocery store to advise you on what’s in season, what’s farmed and what’s sustainable – that will make your seafood shopping a whole lot easier.

Also,  generally speaking, fish is best eaten on the day you buy it but remember quite often, your ‘fresh fish’ was previously frozen because most fish are frozen right on the boat. Also, some seafood, such as lobster, do not travel well, so you’re actually getting higher-quality food if it’s been frozen. This is particularly true if you do not live near the seafood’s origin.

Once you get over any fears of cooking seafood, you’ll discover just how easy it is. If you’re ever in doubt, simply follow a recipe, there are many tasty options out there just waiting to be discovered.

We won’t give away what Chef Chris Patrick has in store for you but sign up now, these classes book quickly.

About the Dirty Dozen Cooking Class

What is it like to work alongside some of the most celebrated chefs in Dallas? The Dirty Dozen cooking classes are your exclusive opportunity to learn secrets and practice techniques taught by the masters themselves. Since 1999, the Dirty Dozen is one of Dallas’ most coveted events.

Upon arrival at the Dallas 5-star restaurant, Dirty Dozen students don their personalized chef’s coats to begin hands-on instruction. The students are divided into four teams:

Executive Chef: Christopher Patrick

Executive Sous Chef: Chad Bowen

Sous Chef Craig Shinn

Abacus /Jasper’s Guest Chef

Your Dirty Dozen cooking class team spends a Sunday preparing one of four courses or a fabulous buffet. Abacus is closed so you have the run of the kitchen. The day culminates in an intimate dinner with paired wine and the opportunity to share the experience with one invited guest of your choice. You’ll walk away as a Dirty Dozen alum with a new or rejuvenated appreciation for extraordinary cuisine and knowledge that only comes with learning from the masters.

Cost: $375 (New Students – includes personalized chef coat)   $350 (Returning Students)

Reservations,  please call 214.559.3111 or Contact us here.


9 available
New Student Seafood Cooking Class. Dirty Dozen Class includes Instruction and preparation of four course meal plus wine. Also includes personalized chefs coat. Invited dinner guest included.$346.42
8 available
Returning Student Seafood Cooking Class .Dirty Dozen Class includes Instruction and preparation of four course meal plus wine. Invited dinner guest included. Returning students provide their own Chef's coat.$323.33