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Abacus/Jasper’s Charitable Giving

We have a long history of giving back to the community. Our charitable focus includes children’s and health issues. We are passionate about the causes and organizations we supports which include the March of Dimes, North Texas Food Bank, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Zoo To Do, and the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau.


In addition to support for the charities mentioned above, Abacus Jasper’s Restaurant Group offers a limited number of local donations each year to qualified organizations that are focused on promoting children’s issues and certain other community initiatives. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of requests received every year, Abacus Jasper’s Management is unable to participate in every request. To be eligible for consideration, requests for donations must be submitted at least six weeks before the fundraising event.


Donation requests may be submitted electronically by filling out the form below or emailing [email protected].

Requests should be presented on the organizations letterhead with the 501c(3) Tax ID number and include all event and contact information.

If your donation request is accepted, we will respond promptly and provide you with a donation descriptions including the fair market value.

We are pleased to help charitable organizations and wish it were possible to honor all requests. However, due to and overwhelming number received more emphasis will be given to local community fundraisers.

Abacus Jasper’s Restaurant Group appreciates your support and wishes you all the best with your charitable event.

Giving Back

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Combining our passions for certain organizations will only further the good we can do when we put our minds and money to it. Join Abacus Jasper’s Restaurant Group in supporting our community’s charities, including: