It’s perfectly fine to play favorites

Whether it’s your first sip or bite, it’s only a matter of time before you have a favorite. Here at Jasper’s bar, it’s okay to play favorites. We encourage it. In fact, if we even tried to take some of our most popular cocktails and appetizers off the menu, we’d have a community revolt on our hands.

Our bartenders have an uncanny knack for upgrading the classics and concocting new drinks from in-house infused spirits. The Tinsley and Barb’s Martini show they definitely have a few tricks up their sleeves. If wine is more your style, chances are you’ll find your favorite on our eclectic wine list or maybe it’s time to find a new favorite.

Whatever your drink of choice, keep one hand free. You’ll need it for our famous Blue Cheese Potato Chips or another one of our favorites. A full menu, masterfully mixed cocktails and relaxing inside and patio areas make Jasper’s the ideal spot to play favorites – whether it’s your go-to cocktail or appetizer.

Jasper’s Richardson The Happiest Hour

Drop by Monday through Saturday from 4:00 to 7:00 pm for The Happiest Hour in the bar and on the patio. Choose from selected martinis, our Barrel Aged Old Fashion or a Texas Mule.  Sample six-dollar domestic brews or check out the nine-dollar selected wines by the glass. Plus we offer an addictive choice of  nine-dollar “Socially Engaging” edibles.

“Love this place! Always my go to for happy hour! Finally tried the blue cheese potato chips… And I’m in love.”
Open Table reviewer, 2014