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Come join us for a BEER PAIRING DINNER hosted by our Dallas neighbors, Community Beer Company.

Our chefs have created a special menu featuring dishes that pair perfectly with the selected beers. 

Date: July 17th

Time: 6:30 pm

Price: $45 per person, does not include sales tax or gratuity

Reservations: Call Ivy at 214.716.2612  or [email protected]


Reservations: Call Ivy at 214.716.2612  or [email protected]

Beer offerings – from Community Beer Company!

  • Texas Lager – 1st course – This crisp, light-bodied lager was specially brewed for all Texans to enjoy. It’s easy drinkin’ with a bright & refreshing flavor, making it a perfect fit for enjoying the beautiful Texas outdoors, celebrating with friends & family, or relaxing after a long day’s work​
  • Witbier – 2nd course  – In honor of the late and great Pierre Celis, we are proud to offer Community Witbier as a warm weather libation, produced locally for our fellow Texans once again.  We brew it traditionally using unmalted wheat as our base and lightly spice the kettle with freshly ground sweet and bitter orange peel and coriander seed.  The hops are minimal, keeping the focus on the wheat, spices and the unique character contributed by authentic Belgian yeast strains, one of which originated from the same strain that Pierre brought across the Atlantic to America.
  • Mosiac IPA- 3rd course – We’re full on board the hop wagon with this big American-style IPA. However, it is not designed to blow your head off with overpowering hop bitterness. Instead, Mosaic IPA is an extremely well-balanced brew that showcases its unique hop aroma and flavor.​ This beer gets its name from a new hop variety named “Mosaic,” which is predominantly where the immense, raw hop aroma and flavor is derived. Mosaic IPA has a noticeable malt backbone to help soften the high level of hop bitterness and flavor while keeping the body fairly light. The word “Mosaic” is also representative of the diverse range of individuals that make up our community.
  • Community Citra Slice IPA – 4th course – This beer is a result of our trips to the Yakima Valley in the Pacific Northwest.  This is the most prominent hop-growing region of the U.S., and we are fortunate to work with experienced hop growers to hand-select the most flavorful, aromatic hops around! We’ve taken premium Citra hops and expertly blended them with fresh lemon & orange peel.  This results in an explosively delicious citrus-forward India Pale Ale bursting with tropical flavors & aromas.

Who: Located on the edge of the Design District,  Community Beer Company has become a strong part of the North Texas community and a hub for a diverse lineup of events … all while supporting local artists, musicians, and charities whenever they can. They call this “Beer For The Greater Good.