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WHAT:  The Happy Hour theme will be Napa Valley Cabernets vs Sonoma Cabernets from the collection of Jackson Family Wines, accompanied by appetizers.

Stay For Dinner, receive 25% Off Your Entrée. We will also be offering special prices on bottles of the featured wines.

WHEN:  January 10,  2019    6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

WHERE:   Jasper’s – CityLine – Richardson

1251 State Street

Richardson, TX  75082

PRICE:  $30 per person plus tax and gratuity

RESERVE:   Reservations are required:

Please contact Ivy Henning – 214.716.2612 or   [email protected]


     Napa Valley Cabernets:  Freemark Abbey, Galerie Pleinair

     Sonoma Valley Cabernets:  Jackson Estate, Galerie Latro


A little background taken from https://www.arrowoodvineyards.com/comparing-cabernet-sauvignon-napa-valley-v-sonoma-valley 

“Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma Valley is actually rarer than Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. With just over 1,000 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon planted in Sonoma Valley to 18,200 acres in Napa – Napa Cab outnumbers Sonoma Cab 18:1. That’s a case and a half for every one bottle produced. So, while there’s considerably more Napa Cab to be heralded the world over, Sonoma Cab keeps a lower profile. But sometimes profiles can be deceiving.    If you actually look at the climate, location, and soils of Napa compared to the locations where Sonoma valley grows its best Cabernet, Sonoma Valley’s mountain regions show every bit as well. Their long, warm days high above the fog lines and cool nights bathed in cool marine air and bay fog create a wide diurnal shift – a dramatic difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures – which typically gives Cabernet Sauvignon its rich, ripe fruit while maintaining a balance of plush tannins and firm, fresh acidity. Sonoma Valley’s Cabernet character tends to be more red fruit than Napa’s black – more cherry than blackcurrant – but the depth and concentration and fundamental pleasure of the wine show from the first sip.”   Both regions produce excellent Cabernet Sauvignons, so see if you can pick a favorite.